Tomorrow is the first day of my intention….

So Spring is here, another season has passed where I’ve spent good amounts of my time on reading, talking about, and learning lots of information about becoming the best writer I can be.

Tomorrow I am going to be a DOER of it! Watch this space. I’ve shuffled notes, gathered short stories I’ve penned which are relevant to my book, and sorted out research papers.  I attended the RWA conference in Adelaide 19-21 August, and was given the tools to do this thing.

I’m not going to waste what I’ve worked so hard at procrastinating about. What is that? Too big, too daunting? Insecurity? Laziness? All of the above? Well no more!  Here I come, chasing the coat tails of Fiona McIntosh. (She dared us at the conference to do that!  ‘Just do it,’ she said.) So here’s to you Fiona. Thanks!   Jay.

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