On Writing…regularly

Surely this post will inspire us all to get out our pens/start tapping away on the keyboard – the link gives just a short read, and will make a great checklist to refer to when writing scenes.

I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing book – he says (& I agree) if you don’t write often, your characters won’t speak to you, you won’t be excited about what happens next, and won’t be open to your brilliant creativity.
I liken it to when watching a series, say Downton Abbey. You can binge watch the whole series in a day or two and be quite unable to leave it. Or even really look forward for the weekly episode (but we need a recap). Then we miss a few, and it fades into the “oh yeah, I must watch that” pile and stops being in your thoughts.

Just think – if we could write just one page a day we will be in touch with our story characters and that adds up to a novel/or four novellas in a year!


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