Road trip at 5000feet – sky high.

I write this from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. I have a daily word count commitment of 1000 x 5 days each week towards my novel, The Calico Apron, with Elderly recluse, Ursula Lightfoot showing us her most unusual, rural, animal-filled world. I am committed to having this novel written as a result of attending Fiona McIntosh’s Mini Masterclass in late February (see my first post in this blog series), and if not before, I want to pitch it at the upcoming RWA conference in Brisbane this August.

So recently my son bought a plane in Eastern Victoria, and his co-pilot for the trip home to WA pulled out last minute – and basically he would have had to fly the thing solo for three days, or it was with me onboard – a no-brainer. After learning to let go of the dashboard on day one, my day two word count was 1448, written in the morning in Whyalla, and later at Nullarbor roadhouse while waiting for our evening meal. Day three got off to a fine start and I got straight into it on the plane after we settled into auto pilot after takeoff. So, there I was with my head down, lost in Ursula’s world, and Rory nudged me. I looked up and freaked out – we were over the ocean!!! (We were following the hwy for safety’s sake – it just happened to come within a few km from the coast.) I looked to my right for the assurance of red dirt and saltbush, to see the most amazing layered limestone cliffs being brushed by spearmint surf. I picked up my jaw, then kept writing (as we do, right?), and got down another to 1074 words today. Rhythm is a funny thing – it works pretty much anywhere as far as I can tell. Talk about the fastest part of the stream! What fun. Xxx

addendum … several months later…  the Australian Writer’s Centre shared my photo in the “Where I Write” section of their monthly newsletter:

We often say that your writing can help you reach great heights. Well, Jay H. of Victoria took us literally…
“This was taken at 3000 feet – on a trip across the Nullarbor in a light airplane. My son bought the plane in Victoria, so picked me up on the way home to Perth. It was massive and awesome and I wasn’t going to let a bit of height in a confined space hinder my daily word count goal.”

You have a very ‘plane’ writing style Jay – thanks for sending!


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