Meet my friends…

This morning I asked the ever willing Siri to set a me timer for a quick writing sprint of 20 mins before relieving at the library for Children’s Book Week. 525 words. Bang. It’s amazing what you can jam in with just a pencil and a piece of paper. If I’d gotten my MacBook out, I’d have fluffed around with files and then (if I didn’t get distracted altogether) would have fiddled and only written half the words by back spacing and editing as I go.

I’m about to go and watch another Scrivener tutorial and am seriously thinking about sticking to my pen and paper method (so portable – even in bed or on the run). THEN I can transcribe it into Scrivener when I want. The only flaw in this method is the worry of no backup for the notebook is really possible. I guess that means I should type them up fairly regularly. This way those notebooks can become the back up of my backups! 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have this image of beautifully inked notebooks packed with my jottings tied up in neat bundles. Time to get out my favourites – each one gives my hand a different style. Meet Sheaffer, Parker, and Rosetta.890F65CC-AD44-467D-8535-63993241B6A1.jpg

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